Swan is a serial science fiction saga by Ora Uzel in release in blog format, with a possible print format to follow.  The story’s characters: Swan, Alyssa, Khimera, Ian, Yelenah, Shayde, Eddy and the Within; travel through time, space and beyond in an epic quest for understanding of the universe.

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Ora Uzel

Ora Uzel lives in her secret lair on an underwater plateau near Anchorhead, Lake Michigan (43.35, -87.17).  She has lived in central and eastern Iowa; Chicago’s Lakeview, Uptown and Evanston; western Michigan; London’s St. James; Black Rock City’s Entheon and Sacred Spaces villages; and Lakes of Fire’s Chrysanthemum.

Ora is a writer, composer (B.A. Music, M.M. Composition), pianist, fire performer (poi, rope dart, swords), percussionist (esp. vibraphone), sacred space holder, client relations specialist, animist, nondualist, buddhist, psychonaut, Iowan, vegan, occasionally ovo-pescatarian, Burner, shamanic musician, pacifist, level 17 geek, MiSTie, amazonian goddess, Frisian-Bohemian American, tarot reader, mtf pre-op ts, contact lenses wearer, and many other things.

Ora’s music can be found at: http://www.soundcloud.com/oraborealis